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Landing at your desk on July 13-15, 2016.

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Why a remote conference?

Learning is an important part of improving your code. One of the most rewarding ways to do that is by attending conferences. Unfortunately, sometimes it's difficult to make it to a conference due to travel costs, the price of the conference ticket, or your ability to take time off.

So, clear your calendar, grab some popcorn and twizzlers, and join us for some great content around building web and mobile apps. Or, grab a Users' Group ticket, get a company to provide a projector and pizza, and learn more realtime web development with your friends..

What is Mobile Edition?

Building apps for the mobile platforms like iOS and Android can be daunting. Learn how to use your javascript skills to easily and quickly build cross-platform apps.


Join us 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST), July 13-15, 2016.
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The Impact of React Native

Bonnie Eisenman

One year after React Native's release, how has it changed the state of mobile JavaScript? I'll talk about how React Native works, what problems it solves, and why there's so much hype and excitement surrounding it. Then, we'll look at the broader environment of cross-platform JavaScript development, and how React Native's approach can inform mobile application development in general.

Understanding Layout In React Native

Scott Tolinski

Curious about React Native and how to control the look and feel of your app? Take control of your app's layout using React Native's flexbox system to build common layouts based on popular applications.

Let's make a side scroller game with React Native

Ken Wheeler

This talk will introduce basic react native concepts, along with taking existing game development concepts and applying them to react native development. We will present how game architecture can work in react native and considerations one must take when choosing this path

From Cordova to React Native with Meteor

James Baxley

Why we are switching to react native at NewSpring, how the migration off Cordova is going, and what is the ultimate benefit for our users. The dream of building with javascript and running everywhere with Meteor still exists, and we think react native is the best way to get native level performance along with an excellent developer experience.

Automating deployment and testing across web and native apps

John Pinkerton

Whether you are the sole developer on a project, or work on a large scale team, automating deployments and testing can save you time and headaches. This talk covers how we are automating testing and shipping of web and native projects (even to app stores) from a single git merge.

Cordova Challenges

Loren Sands-Ramshaw

What kind of challenges do you run into when building a complex Cordova app? Loren will show you them all in his app, Parlay.

Building Native iOS and Android Apps With Angular 2 and NativeScript

TJ VanToll

Are you an Angular developer that’s always wanted to build an iOS or Android app? Good news! NativeScript is a free and open-source runtime for building native apps with skills you already have—Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and npm. The best part? NativeScript renders truly native UIs—giving your users the best performance and UX their devices can offer. Come learn how to build native apps with Angular 2.

Your First Cross-Platform Game with Phaser

Pablo Farías Navarro

In this hands-on e-workshop you'll learn the basics of game development with Phaser, an amazing JavaScript library to create cross-platform 2D games with open web technologies. Through out the training, we'll create a simple Mario-style game by covering concepts such as sprites, animations, screen scaling, game states and loading game data from JSON files. Also, we'll look into the Intel XDK tool and the process to debug and distribute Phaser games in native mobile platforms.

Build React Native apps faster with Storybook

Thanish Muhammad

We build complex React Native apps by breaking it into many Components and stitching them together. We can do this faster with Storybook. It lets us build components separately without including them in applications. Learn how to setup Storybook for React Native and a couple of ways it can be used.

React Native and d3

Harry Wolff

D3 lets you create beautiful charts and graphs. React Native lets you create iOS and Android applications with React. Did you know that you can put these two powerful technologies together? Come learn how you can create beautiful and reusable d3 charts for your React Native applications. Create a graph once and let it power iOS and Android at the same time.

Using React Native & Meteor to Quickly Build Cross Platform Apps

Spencer Carli

React Native and Meteor each make it easy to build apps. While one is geared towards native apps and the other is geared towards the web, what happens when you use the two together? In this talk we’ll discuss what it’s like to use React Native to build an app for iOS and Android, with maximum code reuse, and how Meteor functions as the backend to enable a great experience for the developer and the user.

Choosing your mobile platform

Josh Owens, Paul Dowman, Jen Looper

Join us for a panel comparing the options for building your mobile app. We will discuss strengths and weaknesses of each option and take your audience questions about each platform.

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